Introducing the APC-R

As opposed to the APC, which is SDI based, the APC-R allows control of your cameras and gimbals over IP (Ethernet or Wi-fi), making it a perfect companion for the ATEM Mini series for instance.

New Features

We've packed all the features of the APC into the APC-R, and added extra features that could not be implemented in the APC for technical reasons.

Position Presets*

Save camera position presets which include pan / tilt / focus / zoom / white balance, and more ! Recall them later from the Middle Control software or from a Streamdeck!

*Only available with the DJI RS2

ATEM Mini Compatibility

APC-R is compatible with the ATEM Mini series since it's IP based. Take your ATEM Mini, Pro or Extreme to the next level by adding gimbal control capabilities as well as wireless camera control if you use Blackmagic cameras!

Control Zoom using DJI Focus Motor*

Control your lens zoom with the DJI Focus Motor, while still controlling the internal focus motor of your lens through the camera. Which means you can have joystick controls and presets for both Zoom and Focus if you have a motorized focus lens.

*Only available with the DJI RS2

Wireless Camera Control

Got a steadicam operator ? Shoulder camera operator on stage ? No problem, you can now send camera control information wirelessly from your ATEM's router to the APC-R, which then forwards it to the Blackmagic camera using Bluetooth.

Stay Tuned

The APC-R isn't released yet but if you're interested, you can drop us your email and we will let you know as soon as preorders open. Estimated availability : July 2021

    Can't wait ?

    If you have an ATEM that has SDI outputs, check out the APC. Available for purchase through our resellers or on our website!