Meet Middle Fiber 12G (NEW!)

Rugged optical fiber converters that will take your live production jobs to a whole new level, now in 12G!

Less cable drums, less weight, longer distances, stronger reliability, modularity & flexibility... peace of mind !


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Take a look at how the Middle Fiber can completely transform & enhance your live production workflow.

Fiber Camera Box 12G

A compact dual channel 4K optical converter that transforms a double 12G-SDI In + 12G-SDI Out signal into a single optical fiber cable through a robust Neutrik OpticalCON Duo connector.


Lighter than a feather

Have you been through the time-consuming task of pulling two different SDI cables to a single camera , one for the input and one for the return feed ? The Fiber Camera Box 12G merges these two cables into one single optical fiber cable, which is more lightweight and much more reliable than traditional copper BNC cables since it is insensitive to all electromagnetic interferences.

You can run your fiber cable over thousands of miles with zero dropouts…. in 4K!

Ready for Field Use

The compact size and aluminum body of the converter makes it ideal for on-camera use. Featuring both an SDI Input and SDI Output, the camera operator can also receive the program video (or any other video) from the control room. Since the Blackmagic Camera Control & Talkback protocol is also supported, it is the perfect companion for an URSA Broadcast , an URSA Mini or a Studio Camera.

D-Tap & short SDI cables are included so that you can power the converter from your camera.

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Triple Connectivity

The Neutrik OpticalCON Duo connector makes the Camera Box compatible with widespread LC / LC fiber cables, as well as the rugged OpticalCON Duo & Duo Lite cables by Neutrik, designed for field use and tough handling. The connector has a built-in automatic shutter that protects the fiber cores as soon as the cable is disconnected.

3 cables, 3 budgets!

10m, 100m, 1km ? Fiber will get you the extra mile.

A multichannel optical cable is lighter and much more reliable than a traditional copper BNC cable since it is insensitive to all electromagnetic interferences. You can run your fiber cable over thousands of miles with zero dropouts.

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Fiber Dispatch 5 12G

In the control room, you could convert the fiber back to 2xSDI using another Fiber Camera Box 12G. But instead of stacking 5 different converters with cables everywhere , we've built a dedicated 1U converter that will support up to 5 cameras, the Fiber Dispatch 5 12G

Connect up to 5 Camera Boxes!

The Fiber Dispatch 5 converts up to 5 optical cables coming from the Fiber Camera Boxes into their respective SDI IN / SDI out pairs, in 12G! Its 1U form factor means enclosure dimensions of only 4.5cm x 48cm x 22.5cm and a 2.5kg weight.


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Light is the limit : combine up to 24 cables in one!

Go beyond a simple point to point approach and merge multiple cameras in a single cable, opening up a whole new world of possibilities! 

A Modular Approach


Fiber Unite 5 12G

Built for on-location multi-camera 4K workflows in mind, the Fiber Unite 5 12G converts 5 pairs of SDI In/Out 4K video signals and a LAN connection into a single 12 channel optical cable : Neutrik opticalCON MTP® 12.


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Fiber Bridge 5 12G

The Fiber Bridge 5 splits a Neutrik opticalCON MTP® 12 fiber cable into 5 different OpticalCON Duo pairs + LAN, and vice versa (reversible). If the LAN connection is not used, it does not require any power.


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Fiber Bridge 10 12G

The Fiber Bridge 10 splits a Neutrik opticalCON MTP® 24 fiber cable into 10 different OpticalCON Duo pairs + 2 LAN, and vice versa (reversible). If the LAN connection is not used, it does not require any power.


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5 Cameras <> 1 Cable!

With the Fiber Unite 5 converter, you can merge up to 5 pairs of 4K SDI IN / SDI Out signals + a LAN connection into one single 12 channel MTP® 12 fiber cable, which you can connect to :

-- Another Unite 5 module that will convert back to 5 SDI In/Out Pairs + LAN.

-- A Fiber Bridge 5, which will split the MTP12® into 5 OpticalCON Duo connectors that can be used with Fiber Camera Boxes, acting as an intermediary stage box.

Watch Netflix on stage

Both the Unite and Bridge products feature a LAN connection port so that the MTP cable will carry network data in addition to your camera video feeds.

The LAN converter inside requires low power 12V DC power to operate. But if you don't plan to use the LAN connection, no energy is required to operate the Bridge products, since they are passive converters.

One Cable to Rule Them All

The opticalCON MTP® 12 (orange) and 24 (red) cables connector accommodates 12 (and 24 ) optical fibers based on conventional and proven MTP® connectivity protected by a ruggedized and durable all-metal housing.

It features a spring loaded push-pull locking mechanism and an excellent cable retention utilizing aramid yarn. The optical connection is exceptionally well protected against dirt and dust by an automatically operated sealing cover.


Direct Workflow

Inside the control room, the Fiber Dispatch 5 sends 5 fiber cables to the stage, one for each Camera Box 12G. You would typically use this point to point setup every time the control room is not very far from the action. For instance if the control room is behind the stage or at the back of a medium sized venue.

Stage Box Workflow

Inside the control room, the Fiber Unite 5 sends a single MTP12 Fiber to the stage. On the stage, the Bridge 5 splits the MTP12 back into 5 fiber cables, one for each Camera Box 12G. You would typically benefit from this stage box setup when the control room is quite far from the action. It will spare you the task of unwinding 5 different cable drums in full , for the same path.

Hybrid Workflow

Inside the control room, the Dispatch 5 will send 3 Fibers to the Fiber Bridge 5 which in turns merges this in a single MTP12 Fiber to the stage. The 2 other fiber cables are directly connected from the Dispatch 5 to the cameras. You would typically benefit from this stage box setup when you have multiple cameras on the same spot (i.e 1 wide camera, and 2 medium shot cameras ), and then 2 other cameras in different locations.



One cable to connect all your










Designed by Live Video Shooters

The Middle Things products are brought to you by Live Video Professionals from the Middle Motion company. Conferences, concerts, events, ceremonies, we've been through quite a few exhausting setups! Each product we release is continuously field tested during the Middle Motion live productions. 

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Fiber Camera Box 12G

SDI In & SDI OUT to Neutrik OpticalCON Duo

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Fiber Dispatch 5 12G

5x SDI In & SDI OUT pairs to Neutrik OpticalCON Duo

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Fiber Unite 5 12G

5x SDI In & SDI OUT pairs to Neutrik MTP® 12

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Fiber Bridge 5 12G

Neutrik MTP® 12 to 5 Neutrik OpticalCON Duo pairs + 1 LAN

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Fiber Bridge 10 12G

Neutrik MTP® 24 to 10 Neutrik OpticalCON Duo pairs + 2 LAN

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Fiber Cables

Optical Basic LC, OpticalCON Duo, OpticalCON Duo Lite,MTP® 12 & MTP® 24

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find the answer you are looking for ? Feel free to live chat with us at the bottom right of the screen or shoot us an email at

Payments & Shipping

Where are you from and where do you ship?

Our company is in France (Europe) and we ship internationally using DHL or Fedex.

What payment methods are supported?

You can pay securely using your credit card (Stripe) , Wire Transfer, or through Apple Pay.

Can I cancel my pre-order ? 

Yes! Anytime, just send us an email, and as long as it's not shipped we'll cancel it and refund the full amount.

Will I have to pay customs taxes and duties ?

Orders are shipped from our warehouse in Europe. International orders may be subject to customs duties, taxes, and fees required for the shipment’s entry into the destination country.

Customs, duties and taxes vary from country to country and are out of our control. Import taxes are not included in the cost of shipping or handling your order. 

What are the shipping costs?

Since the shipping costs will depend on size, weight, and your location, we recommend you go to the checkout page and see the calculated cost depending on your address & basket contents. 

Technical Questions

What is the maximum optical fiber distance ?

We would recommend not to go over 10km with the Middle Fiber products and Neutrik Cable Drums. 

Can I use two Unite 5 modules together? So that I can go SDI -> MTP12 -> SDI

Sure! You can totally do that.

Are the 12G versions of your products compatible with the 6G ?

The new 12G products are compatible with 6G products and vice versa, as long as your working resolution / framerate is within the lowest limiting standard. For instance, if you mix 12G and 3G products, you should be running your signals at a maximum res/ framerate of 1080p60. 

Will the OpticalCON Duo cables provide power to the cameras ?

The Middle Fiber system does not include any power in the transmission. 

I already have Blackmagic Fiber modules, can I use them ?

Yes! You can use our system with the Blackmagic Mini Optical Fiber 12G converters. 

Are 3G, 6G and 12G fiber products compatible ? 

Yes, if you already have Blackmagic SFP modules, you can use them in your workflow and it will be compatible. For instance, you can use 6G fiber products with 12G products, but the maximum possible resolution will be the one of your least powerful SFP, so 2160p25 (6G) and not 2160p60 (12G) . 

Are you using single mode or multi mode fiber ?

Our products rely on single mode fiber. 

Is the Fiber Camera Box 12G required?

It basically converts OpticalCON Fiber to SDI IN & SDI OUT, so it depends on your workflow

Which cables do you recommend?

If your budget allow it, we recommend to go for the OpticalCON Duo cable drums by Neutrik. The automatic shutter protection and dust tight end cab will ensure the best long term reliability.

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