First, check that your camera is paired to your APC. The APC LED should be blue and on the iOS app, you should see your camera with a small “Forget Pairing” button right below, when you access your APC. If your ATEM instructions have no effect on the camera, please review the following :

  • Make sure the ATEM Camera ID shown in the ATEM Pocket app corresponds to the Input number of your camera on the back panel of your Switcher.
  • Make sure you are adjusting a controllable setting (such as shutter, DB gain, white balance..) . For the complete list of controllable settings, please click here.
  • Make sure your SDI cable goes from an SDI or PGM Output of the switcher, to the SDI Input of the APC (not SDI Loop out)
  • Make sure you are sending a 3G-SDI signal (1080p max resolution) with a proper cable.

If all of this fails, we apologize for the inconvenience,  please contact customer support at [email protected]