Power Supply Base Plate for RS 2 | Tilta

The only DJI accessories that are required with the APC-R are the DJI Focus Wheel , since that’s where the APC-R Gimbal Cable connects, and the DJI Focus Motor if you want to control Zoom with the RS2.  To help you enhance your workflow here are a just a few additional accessories we recommend that you can use with your APC-R and DJI RS2.

Here is the complete B&H Wishlist

1 – Tilta Power Supply Base

This Tilta Power Supply Base adapter allows you to replace the RS2 battery with a proper solidly built tripod mount, that also powers the RS2 using the included DTAP power cable. You can then use a DTAP splitter with the Blackmagic BMPCC Cable Pack to deliver power to your BMPCC4K too.  You can also use a DTAP to Mains Power Adapter, to power your RS2 directly from an  AC outlet. If you have a Ronin-S, you can use the DJI Universal Mount instead.

Price  : around $100 USD

Power Supply Base Plate for RS 2 | Tilta

2 – IndiPRO Tools 12V/6A AC Wall Plug to 2 x D-Tap Female Y-Cable Adapter

This 12V (6A) A/C Power Supply to Dual Female D-Tap adapter will allow you to power both the Tilta Power Supply base (for the RS2 ) and the Blackmagic Pocket Camera, using AC Power.

Price  : around $70 USD

12V (6A) A/C Power Supply to Dual Female D-Tap Outputs (8') Indipro


3 – SmallRig Mini V Mount Clamp

The SmallRig Mini V Mount Clamp 2989 is a perfect fit for the APC or the APC-R. You can attach it solidly to your tripod this way. Bear in mind that it does not ship with the mal V-Lock triangle, you also need to buy the Smallrig 2801 Assembly Kit  You can stick the little triangle to your APC-R using solid 3M tape for instance. 

Price : $30 USD

4 – SmallRig Lens Support

The SmallRig Extended Lens Support for DJI RS2 2850 will prevent your lens from shifting slightly when you reach endpoints of the Zoom. Indeed, depending on your setup, the Zoom motor can push your camera slightly.   It has to be used with the Smallrig Quick Release Plate 3031

Price : $20 USD

5 – iFootage TA6 and TC6 Tripods

We think the iFootage Gazelle Uprise TA6 and TC6 are the tripods that provide most flexibility when it comes to mounting the RS2. They can be extended very high up, are very solidly built, are easy to use and have a bowl to adjust the horizon easily. The TC version is made of carbon fiber and the TA version is made of aluminium (heavier). For proper stability, we recommend attaching a sandbag to the small clamp between the legs.  Of course, if size and price are not an issue, you have many other tripods on the market that are bigger and with even better stability.

Price : around $200-$300 USD

Buy | iFootage TA6S Gazelle Uprise Tripod

6 – Follow Focus Gears

We love to use custom zoom/focus rings for the lenses, so that you don’t have to attach the universal ring each time. If your lens is listed, it’s definitely worth the try. Check out their awesome website! https://followfocusgears.com/

Price : around $35 USD each

Follow Focus Gears

7 -Olympus 12-100mm F4.0 Pro

This Olympus 12-100mm F4.0 Pro offers a very nice range in just one lens, while maintaining a real F4.0 aperture. It has built in image stabilization and is already very sharp at F4 and is definitely our favorite lens. It’s worth noting that the barrel will extend when you zoom in and out. But the DJI RS2 holds up very well the center of gravity difference.

Price  :  $1299 USD

Check out some other recommended lenses on this page

8 – DJI Ronin RavenEye Image Transmission System

The DJI Ronin RavenEye kit is required if you want to take advantage of the DJI auto tracking feature (Active Track). After it is setup, you won’t need to keep the DJI Ronin app opened. We have optimised the APC-R so that you can turn on / off Active Track remotely using Middle Control. Just frame your subject in the center of the frame, press Active Track in the Middle Control Software. You can also map it to a joystick button.

Price  :  $159 USD