First, check that your camera is paired to your APC / APC-R. The APC / APC-R LED should be blue and on the iOS app, you should see your camera with a small “Forget Pairing” button right below, when you access your APC. If your ATEM instructions have no effect on the camera, please review the following :

  • Make sure your BMPCC 4K / 6K is updated to the latest firmware. Some versions had issues with bluetooth.
  • Make sure the ATEM Camera ID shown in the ATEM Pocket app corresponds to the Input number of your camera (SDI 6, HDMI 2, etc..).
  • If you are using the APC, make sure you are adjusting a controllable setting (such as shutter, DB gain, white balance..) . For the complete list of controllable settings, please click here.
  • If you are using the APC, make sure your SDI cable goes from an SDI or PGM Output of the switcher, to the SDI Input of the APC (not SDI Loop out)
  • If you are using the APC, make sure you are sending a 3G-SDI signal (1080p max resolution) with a proper cable. Try another cable. If you can only feed a UHD signal, convert it using a Teranex Express converter.

If all of this fails,  please contact customer support at