When you recall your saved presets, if you are not seeing what you have recorded, please check the following :

  • The computer running Middle Control Software should be on the same network as your ATEM and should be connected to your ATEM in the switcher tab.
  • When you save a preset, try to adjust the setting a little before recording it, either using Middle Control, ATEM Software Control or a Joystick mapping. For instance, to move the white balance, move it from 3200K to 3100K and then 3200K before recording again.
  • Recording a focus position right after an autofocus is not supported. You need to adjust the focus manually before recording a preset.
  • If you adjust your settings directly on the Camera, these will not be recorded. You need to adjust settings on the ATEM Software or through our software.
  • Lens focus position can only be saved on MFT lenses (BMPCC4K for instance).

If all of this fails, we apologize for the inconvenience,  please contact customer support at support@middlethings.co