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Control your DJI gimbal & Blackmagic camera with any USB gaming joystick ! The perfect companion for your APC / APC-R.
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With the Middle Control Software, bring your live camera control experience to a whole new level. Using precise and low latency axis and button mapping, you can control your camera AND your gimbal, all in one place : your gamepad controller.

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Aviation meets Live Production

If the standard XBox controller is not enough for you, we suggest using the all new Thrustmaster TCA Airbus Sidestick and Quadrant / Add-On combo. You will have many axis and buttons to choose from, and map all your favorite settings ! The detents (clics) on the sliders can be removed for maximum smoothness.

Trigger Camera Recording Remotely

With the Middle Control Software, you can start / stop Blackmagic cameras remotely! Either individually by selecting the right camera number in the app. Either all at once by holding the shift key and clicking the Rec Start / Stop button in the camera page or pressing the mapped rec key.

Expand possibilities with Companion

If you have Stream Deck devices and BitFocus Companion, you can trigger actions in our Middle Control software, such as launching presets , moving the gimbal, rec start/stop, autofocus, color bars, camera ID selection.... You can also create Multi- Actions that will launch a series of actions with just a press of a button ! Learn more about the Stream Deck integration.

Flexible Workflow

To use the Middle Control Software, you install it on a computer that you connect to your ATEM router using WiFi or Ethernet. Then you set the ATEM IP adress , press connect, and you're done!

The Middle Control software sends PTZ messages to the ATEM using Ethernet / Wifi, so that the ATEM, in turn, forwards the PTZ info through the PGM SDI outputs into the APC.

The new APC-R receives the information both from the ATEM and Middle Control through the network.

Multiple Cameras / Gimbal Support

Quickly switch between cameras using the same joystick by assigning Camera IDs to Joystick buttons or Stream Deck buttons. If you have multiple Blackmagic cameras, you can start their recording remotely all at once! You can instantly toggle between a compact setup with a Pocket 4K and a DJI RS2 or a Ronin 2 with the URSA Broadcast and pristine quality broadcast lenses !

Note : the small DJI Focus Wheel is required to connect your APC to the Ronin RS2 / SC / S using our APC Gimbal Cable.


Easy to use desktop app

The Middle Control desktop app is easy to use, and is also the app that can update the APC / APC-R system. It can run in background alongside the ATEM Software Control for instance.

Also, you don't have to buy an APC or APC-R to use it! You can use the app just to control your camera settings such as Rec start / stop and map joystick axis to remote focus and zoom ! The APC / APC-R is only required if you need gimbal support.

A Mac OS version is under development, stay tuned!

Let me know when the Mac OS version is released

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Here you can download Middle Control software, free of charge, on Mac OS, or Windows. The APC / APC-R is not required to use it.

iOS iPhone App

In order to pair the APC / APC-R to your BMPCC, set the Camera ID, and adjust gimbal settings you have to use the ATEM Setup iOS app on the Apple App Store here or by scanning the QR Code below.

Windows 10/11

Download the latest Middle Control Software.
Middle Control Download
Version 2.7.2 / Dec 21st, 2023

Firmware Update : Guide & Procedure here
Info for Companion Users : Download our Custom Pages for Companion here

Changelog & Legacy Versions : See what's new!

Mac OS

Middle Control for Mac OS can be downloaded on the Mac App Store
Version 2.8.0 / May 2nd, 2024
⚠️ Blackmagic ATEM Software Version 9.4 or above required.

Firmware Update : Guide & Procedure here
Info for Companion Users : Download our Custom Pages for Companion here

Changelog : See what's new!

Meet the new Middle Remote

Control your gimbal and camera with a single compact & professional PTZ remote!The ideal companion for Middle Control! 

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