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At Middle Things, we are a team of passionate builders and live video production professionals. We like to improve the quality and efficiency of live workflows on a regular basis. Here are some solutions we've built in the past months.

4-SDI Optical Fiber Stagebox

Our system can route 4 x UHD video signals over 100ft. We achieve this by using a single Neutrik Opticalcon Quad fiber-optic cable. Since we use Blackmagic Cameras we have a return signal as well on each camera so we can route up to two cameras with the return feed on the stagebox.

This is very pratical for when we run two cameras at the back of a stage and the live production switcher is at the other end of the room for instance. Also, the stagebox takes HDMI video as well as SDI, reducing the need for external converters when using BMPCC cameras for instance.

All-in-one Mobile Systems

We love portability and ease of use ! This is an example of custom case built around the Blackmagic Television Studio Pro 4K, with integrated 2x HDMI to SDI conversion for flexibility and a Neutrik OpticalCON QUAD Link connexion. Once closed, the metal case is highly compact.

It has a built-in 15" Smartview 4K LCD , 2x Hyperdeck Studio Mini HD, 1x 4G / Wifi Router, 1x Ethernet Switch , 1x 8Port USB Hub.

Works like a charm with the Quad Fiber Stagebox above !

A Passionate Team

We love building simple and effective products for which the design comes from strong field experience. We firmly believe in user-centric designs that solve live production pain points. Past works : easy to use lighting controllers and drone collision systems in the past.

“Users truly don’t know what they want in a program until they use it.”


If you're seeking tips and personalised insights for your specific project, please don't hesitate to schedule a slot online. 


  • URSA Broadcast G2 Fiber Box 

    Converts SDI IN / OUT to 2 fibers in one sturdy Neutrik cable. 

  • 10-Camera Fiber Stagebox

    One single 24-fiber cable between Stage and Production room

  • Custom ATEM Rig 

    Built-in network & converters

  • ATEM Constellation 8K Integration

    Custom rack integration with Web Presenters, Hyperdecks & Constellation 8K

  • Full Constellation 8K 8U Rack

    Rear view of the Constellation Rack Integration

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