Great news today! We are officially introducing the Middle Control software, which will allow you to use any USB gaming joystick to control your APC, along with other improvements!

With the Middle Control Software, bring your live camera control experience to a whole new level. Using precise and low latency axis and button mapping, you can control your camera AND your gimbal, all in one place : your gamepad controller.

If the standard XBox controller is not enough for you, we suggest using the all new Thrustmaster TCA Airbus Sidestick and Quadrant / Add-On combo. You will have many axis and buttons to choose from, and map all your favorite settings ! The detents (clics) on the sliders can be removed for maximum smoothness.

To use the Middle Control Software, you install it on a PC that you connect to your ATEM router using WiFi or Ethernet. Then you set the ATEM IP adress in our app, press connect, and you’re done! You can now adjust settings of regular SDI Blackmagic cameras as well as Pocket cameras & gimbals if you use the APC.

Let us know your feedbacks, we hope you like it !