If you managed to connect to your phone to your APC/APC-R using the iOS app, but cannot find your camera ( for instance if you get stuck with a “Scanning…” message on the camera list), here is a list of possible issues.

  • Make sure your camera is powered on.
  • Make sure you are using a compatible camera.
  • Make sure your Blackmagic camera has bluetooth activated, in the Setup menu.
  • Make sure the included Antenna is connected to the APC/APC-R
  • Bring your camera closer to the APC/APC-R.
  • Your camera might already be paired to another APC/APC-R or a mobile app or another bluetooth device. Go into the camera Setup menu -> Bluetooth Settings and press “Clear All Paired Devices” button. Then toggle Bluetooth on and off and on again. You should now see your camera in the APC/APC-R camera list.

If that fails, we apologize for the inconvenience,  please contact customer support at support@middlethings.co