If you can control the pan / tilt / roll of the RS2 but cannot control the DJI RS2 Focus Motor with the APC-R, please check the following :

  • Make sure the DJI Focus Motor is connected to the MIDDLE usb-c port of the DJI RS2.
  • Make sure the RS2 is updated with the latest DJI firmware (using the Ronin app)
  • Make sure the motor Calibration has been done in the RS2 using the app or the built in LCD.
  • The motor will only work for the Zoom ring of the lens , not the Focus ring.
  • When you move the Zoom slider on the Middle Control Software you should see it move. Make sure you map the slider to a joystick axis (we recommend the Twist of the pan / tilt yoke)  by clicking on the +/- sign of the slider and moving the joystick axis.

If all of this fails, we apologize for the inconvenience,  please contact customer support at [email protected]