If you are wondering how you can use your Stream Deck Mini, Regular or XL with the Middle Control software, then read this article. For the moment we don’t have a dedicated plugin so below are the instructions to help you get started.

First, download the following icon pack that will give you the PNG images of the buttons you can see on the picture above. Next, open up the Stream Deck app. From the categories on the right, press Hotkey, and drag the action to the deck. You can replace it with the icon of your choice. You then have to specify which hotkey should the Stream Deck trigger once it is pressed. Here is the Middle Control mapping (it will listen to keys being pressed even if it is running in the background, don’t worry) :

CTRL + MAJ + SHIFT + A : Autofocus
CTRL + MAJ + SHIFT + I : Autofocus
CTRL + MAJ + SHIFT + V : Status View
CTRL + MAJ + SHIFT + B : Color Bars
CTRL + MAJ + SHIFT + C : False Colors
CTRL + MAJ + SHIFT + Z : Zebras
CTRL + MAJ + SHIFT + R : Start Record
CTRL + MAJ + SHIFT + N : StopRecord
CTRL + MAJ + SHIFT + 1-9 :  Camera ID Selector

If you want to create multi-actions, you search for Multi Action on the right of the streamdeck software, and you will be able to specifiy what the multiaction key shoud do.

And of course, you can add spare keys for other apps (Wirecast /OBS / VMIX) in adition to our app !