Here is how you can start/stop recording on BMPCC 4K / 6K or URSA Mini Pro / Broadcast cameras remotely using any ATEM. Very practical for live multicamera shoots where you want to make additional edits later and keep all the camera feeds.

– If you don’t use an ATEM

iOS / Android apps but with limited range

– If you have ATEM Mini Pro & Pro ISO

Using the record menu on the Output page of the ATEM Software Control, check “Start recording on all cameras”. The Blackmagic camera has to be connected to the ATEM using HDMI directly (Pocket cameras) or through a blackmagic Micro Converter Bidirectional sdi/hdmi 3g (URSA Mini / Broadcast cameras) . 

When you press the Record button on the ATEM Mini Pro / Pro ISO, it will start both the hard drive recording and all the recordings on the different blackmagic cameras that are connected.

– All other ATEMs

If you have an ATEM Television Studio HD / Pro HD / 4K , ATEM Production Studio 1 M/E,  2 M/E , 4 M/E or an ATEM Constellation 8K, you can use our  free software utility that connects to the ATEM network and start all the camera recordings simultaneously :

You download the software, connect to your router network, set your switcher IP adress in the Switcher tab of the app. Press connect, and the switcher will show up.

Now go in the Camera tab, set the ATEM Camera ID you want to start the recording on, and press Rec Start or Rec Stop. If you want to start recording on all cameras number 1-10 press Shift + Rec Start or Shift + Rec Stop.

In the gimbal PTZ tab, you can map the Rec Start / Rec Stop command to any USB gaming joystick that is connected to the computer.

You can also map it to a streamdeck button. Check out this article :

This will work with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K (BMPCC 4K) , Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K (BMPCC 6K), Ursa Mini Pro G1 & G2 and Ursa Broadcast.

Hope you like this small utility !