This article will guide through the steps to take if you have found yourself into an unfortunate situation where you have to reset / force the update of your APC-R. This can happen in some cases when updating your firmware with a faulty USB Hub or when unplugging the APC-R during the update.

In order to do so, you will need to download and install the latest  Middle Control software for Windows. (Mac OS cannot be used for that operation).

!! Do not use any USB Hub for this operation, direct connection from APC-R to computer is preferred !! 

Connect your APC-R to your computer using a data micro USB cable, and go into the Setup tab. Now quickly left click on the APC-R at least 20 times :

Additional buttons will pop-up. Now press the “Update Now!” button. It will reset & update the APC-R. Disconnect / reconnect the APC-R once you get the popup saying the  update is finished.

In some cases, the APC-R serial number will be erased and set to 0000 . In order to rewrite the serial number here are the steps you need to follow :

  • Disconnect and reconnect the APC-R
  • Click on the APC-R picture quickly 20 times
  • Find your serial number on the sticker below the APC-R device.
  • Then in the text field, enter APCR-4852 (if your serial number is 4852) and press the S button.

Then you can disconnect / reconnect the APC-R one last time, it will show the proper serial number.