Using a router to link all your devices (ATEM, APC-R, Computers, Companion)  is the recommend method for simplicity.

However, if you want to control the APC-R without any router using direct ethernet cabling to your computer, here how you should proceed :

  • Make sure your APC-R is not connected to the ethernet cable at this stage.
  • Go to your Network Adapter Settings on your laptop and select the ethernet network card that is connected to the APC-R (could be USB <> Ethernet dongle for instance) . In the properties, configure its settings to a custom IP adress, as follow. You can use any IP adress you want, this is just an example :
      •  IP address :
      • Subnet Mask : (or 24 if you get an error when validating, can happen on the Windows 11 interface)
      • Default Gateway :
  • Launch Middle Control software. In the status page, the IP adress shown should match the one of your network adapter, specified above ( here)
  • Connect your APC-R to Middle Control using a micro USB cable, go into the Setup page and untick DHCP in the Ethernet settings. Set a custom IP adress for your APC-R :
      • IP address : (it needs to be different than the one of your computer but with the same subnet , ex 192.168.10.XX )
      • Subnet Mask :
      • Default Gateway :
  • Save and reboot your APC-R by disconnecting / reconnecting its micro USB cable
  • Now connect the APC-R ethernet cable to your computer or your dongle
  • In Middle Control, the APC-R should show up in the Status page.
  • If you also want to connect your ATEM to Middle Control, you can set the ATEM with a fixed IP that matches the subnet of the other IPs and connect it to the ethernet switch. Put this IP in the switcher tab of Middle Control.
  • If you want to keep your ATEM in DHCP mode, connect another network adapter (like a USB to ethernet adapter) to your computer, leave its network settings configured to “Get IP Adress automatically”. Then, open ATEM Setup software and in the properties of the ATEM, look for the IP adress of the ATEM. Copy and paste this IP in the switcher tab of Middle Control.

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