If you would like to use your Stream Deck Mini, Regular or XL with the Middle Control software to control the camera & gimbal settings remotely and trigger presets,  then you are at the right place. We support the Bitfocus Companion ecosystem through the Middle Control Companion plugin. Here is how to get going :

1. Download an install Bitfocus Companion

Download Companion on the official website. Please note that at the moment our Middle Control plugin only shows up in the 2.2 beta build of Companion, until it is released as the main download.

2. Download our Companion custom pages

You can download our 2 custom Companion pages that have all the buttons you need to get going.  Of course you can always re-arrange the buttons later.

You will see one set of pages with ATEM connection (meaning that the Camera ID selector button titles will take the names you set in the ATEM and will have tally indication on the background color) If you don’t have any ATEM take the other set of pages. These are the pages that have the ATEM connection added :

One after the other,import the the two .companionconfig files into Companion using the Import / Export tab into pages that are free from any buttons.

3. Configure the Middle Control Instance

Now go over to the Connections Tab -> Edit Middle Control module and set the IP adress of the computer that is running Middle Control on your network.

Here is where to check your Middle Control IP adress quickly. If Middle Control is running on the computer which has Companion running, just enter 

Next, make sure you have Middle Control running, when you press buttons on the Stream Deck you should see it control in Middle Control. Try selecting a Camera ID for instance.

For more information on how to use the BitFocus Companion plugin in more detail, feel free to check out our complete video on this :