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Updating your device (Firmware Update)

This section will guide you through the process of updating your device firmware, and help you get over situations where your device might not have been updated properly.

Updating the Middle Remote

To update the Middle Remote, just download & install the latest version of Glue Software . Start Glue, connect your Middle Remote to your laptop and its firmware will be automatically updated if an update is available .

Updating the APC-R

To update the APC-R, first make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of Middle Control .

Run Middle Control & connect the APC-R to your laptop using the Micro USB connection of the APC-R.

  • Make sure you are connecting your APC-R to your laptop with a direct connection. Using a multi-USB Hub is not recommended.
  • Some micro USB cables only contain power wires for device charging and no data wires. Make sure you are using a micro USB cable that can transmit data in addition to power.

Next, the update process is slightly different on Windows and Mac OS.

Download the Middle Control app in the Mac OS App Store
Supported OS : Mac OS Big Sur (11) or later.

Head over to the Setup tab, the APC-R will show up. Click on its name.

This will bring you to the APC-R setup page. You can now click the update button at the bottom of the page (which will only show up if an update is available for your APC-R ).

The update process should last less than 30 seconds.

Fixing Firmware Update Issues

In some unfortunate cases, the update process might have failed, it could be due to a number of reasons :

  • Using a multi-port USB Hub for the update
  • Disconnecting the device during the update
  • Unsupported Windows or Mac OS hardware
  • Conflicting USB device plugged into the computer
  • Using a faulty USB cable
  • Having multiple APC-R units connected to the same computer

If for any reason the update process has failed and your device does not seem to function properly anymore, we have implemented a "Force Update" method to force the update & get it back on track. It is available both on Mac OS and Windows. If you are unsucessful on one OS you could try on the other OS since the update process is natively implemented on each OS and works differently.

Make sure you are running Middle Control for Mac OS version 2.5.1 or above. (version shown at the bottom of the preferences tab)

First, disconnect the APC-R, restart Middle Control, and reconnect the APC-R. It might not show up in the left sidebar of the app under USB, but that is not an issue.

Head over to the Preferences tab, and hold Shift + Option keys while clicking "Advanced Settings" button. A red "Force Update" button should show up.Next :
  • Find your serial number on the sticker below the APC-R device.
  • Then in the text field, enter APCR-4852 (if your serial number is 4852)
  • Click Force Update to run the update process
  • This should set your APC-R back on track with the latest firmware. If you are still running into issues, we would recommend trying another USB port of your computer and also trying on another computer / OS.


    If all of that fails, please contact support at