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Gimbal & Camera Presets

If you are using the APC-R with the RS2 or the RS3 Pro over CANBus, you can save custom gimbal positions (Pan / Tilt / Roll / Zoom ) and camera states (Focus / Iris / ISO / White Balance / Tint) into the APC-R, and recall them later. The APC-R supports up to 12 presets. Meaning that if you use multiple APC-R / Cameras, you can save up to 12 presets per gimbal/camera.

The presets are stored inside the APC-R itself, which means that they can be restored as they were even if the Middle Control software, the gimbal, the camera, or the ATEM have been turned off.


All the presets can be saved, recalled and renamed using our BitFocus Companion plugin. Download our custom Companion pages here : Using Middle Control with a Streamdeck via BitFocus Companion

Recalling Presets

You can find the Preset sections in the Presets tab of the Middle Control Software. Select the appropriate Camera ID, and click on the preset number you want to recall.

The transition time between presets can also be adjusted. You can control it using Companion too.

Saving Presets

In order to save a camera/gimbal state into a preset, here are the steps you need to follow :

  1. Make sure Middle Control is connected to your ATEM if you have one, in the Preferences tab.
  2. Move your gimbal pan / tilt & zoom to the desired position using the Middle Control app, the Middle Remote, the Streamdeck or a USB Gaming joystick.
  3. Adjust the ISO / White Balance / Tint / IRIS & Focus to the desired value using the Middle Control app, the Middle Remote, the Streamdeck or a USB Gaming joystick.

Before saving the first preset after the ATEM is powered on, you should adjust all of these settings even though they are already set to what you want them to be. For instance, if you want a 5600K WB and it's already set to 5600K, move it to 5650K and back to 5600K.

  1. Once you are ready, click on the Edit Presets button.
  2. Select the preset number where you would like to store the status.
  3. Click on Save Current State

If you are using a Blackmagic camera with a built-in bluetooth chip, always make sure you are not controlling it through bluetooth and HDMI at the same time. It must be one or the other. More info, see section 2.3 of Getting started with the APC-R