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Using the Middle Tally

The Blackmagic Bluetooth Camera Control protocol does not allow us to show the tally preview / program info on the camera LCD / monitor. In order to address this, we have released on a little external Tally light that can be connected to the AUX port of the APC-R. You can find more information here on the product page.
Tally 1

Connecting the Tally

Just connect the Middle Tally to the APC-R AUX port using the included 50cm cable. Or any USB 3.2 / Thunderbolt cable (simple USB type C power cables won't work ).

Tally 2

Now make sure the Middle Control software is running and connected to your ATEM. Your tally will automatically power up. Four states are possible :

  • Red : When this APC-R has its Camera ID on Air (Program)
  • Green : When this APC-R has its Camera ID on Preview (Preview)
  • Yellow : When no tally data is received from Middle Control (Middle Control not connected to the ATEM or APC-R not connected to Middle Control).
  • Off : When it is working properly, but the Camera ID is neither in program or in preview.

The Middle Tally is not a standalone Tally. It can only be used with the APC-R.

Tally Brightness

You can adjust the Tally brightness in the Middle Control settings.