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Setting up the DJI Focus Motor

If you have a DJI RS2, you can control your lens Zoom remotely using the DJI Focus Motor for RS2. This motor is included in the DJI RS2 Pro Combo package. We recommend using follow focus gears that are custom made for your lens : . But you can also use the universal focus ring gears included with the DJI motor.

Here are the steps you need to follow :

  • ⚠️ Make sure your DJI RS2 is updated to the latest firmware using the Ronin app.
  • Attach the DJI Focus Motor to the RS2 following the DJI instructions. The motor must be solidly attached to the lens to prevent it from slipping when reaching the endpoints.
  • Connect the DJI Focus Motor to the middle USB-C port of the RS2 with the original DJI cable.
  • Run an Autocalibration of the focus motor (not a manual calibration). To run an autocalibration, swipe from the right on the RS2 LCD screen and swipe down until you see Focus Motor Endpoints. Press and then select Focus Motor Calib. Start the calibration. The focus motor will now calibrate, by checking the endpoints on the lens. If you get too much slipping and cannot calibrate, you can hold the lens to the motor during calibration.

When you move the Zoom Value slider in Middle Control you should see the motor move from start to end position.

During your live production work, we recommend controlling the Zoom either :

  • With the Middle Remote (twist/rotation of the 3-axis joystick)
  • With a USB gaming joystick (twist/rotation of the 3-axis joystick)
  • With Companion using the Z+ /Z- buttons of our custom Companion Pages

The APC-R only supports control for only one DJI Focus Motor,it can only be used for Zoom. We recommend using a Blackmagic Design camera so that you can control focus using the built-in lens focus motor.