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Using DJI Active Track

The APC-R can be used to remotely activate the DJI Active Track technology which allows you to track a moving subject. In order to use DJI Active Track you need to use the DJI Raven Eye kit (included in the DJI RS2 Pro Combo package).

Here are the steps you need to take:

  • Activate DJI Raven Eye and connect it to your DJI RS2 using the DJI instructions.
  • Connect the camera HDMI port to the RavenEye.
  • Make sure that you can activate RavenEye automatic tracking from the DJI Ronin app.
  • Make sure your APC-R is setup.

If you want to activate / deactivate active track remotely using the APC-R :

  • Move your gimbal to center the subject in the frame.
  • Press the Active Track button in Middle Control (or map it to a joystick action / companion button)
  • The gimbal will now follow the subject automatically. Press Active Track again to disable the tracking.

You will need an HDMI doubler to split the camera signal to both the RavenEye and the ATEM switcher.

🚧In the works!

The rest of this section is not yet available but we are working to release it as soon as possible.