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Changing the APC-R camera ID

There are two ways you can set the APC-R camera ID :

  • Using the iOS Middle Setup app. Activate Bluetooth on your iPhone / iPad / M1 Mac and select your APC-R. You can then edit the Camera number.
  • Using the Windows / Mac OS Middle Control desktop app. Just connect your APC-R to your laptop with the micro-usb port using a data cable (not a power cable). Then you can set the camera ID in the setup page.

You can also edit the name of your APC-R devices.


The APC-R Camera ID / Middle Control Camera ID and ATEM Camera ID are all the same. So you should set the APC-R Camera ID to the same number as your ATEM camera number.

Connect your APC-R, then the APC-R will show up on the left sidebar. You can select it to access the Camera ID number. Press Press Save when you're done.