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Saving & Recalling Presets does not work properly

When you recall your saved presets, if you are not seeing what you have recorded, please check the following :

  • The computer running Middle Control Software should be on the same network as your ATEM and should be connected to your ATEM in the switcher tab.
  • When you save a preset, try to adjust the setting a little before recording it, either using Middle Control, ATEM Software Control or a Joystick mapping. For instance, to move the white balance, move it from 3200K to 3100K and then 3200K before recording again.
  • Recording a focus position right after an autofocus is not supported. You need to adjust the focus manually before recording a preset.
  • If you adjust your settings directly on the Camera, these will not be recorded. You need to adjust settings on the ATEM Software or through our software.
  • Lens focus position can only be saved on MFT lenses (BMPCC4K for instance).

If all of this fails to solve your issue, we apologize for the inconvenience, please contact customer support at