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Middle Remote Quick Start

Congratulations for getting your hands on your first Middle Remote! In this section we are going to get started with setting up the Middle Remote with the APC-R for a complete remote gimbal + camera workflow.


You can also follow our complete Middle Remote hands on video tutorial on the Middle Things Youtube Channel.

1. Prequisites

In this section, we will assume that you have already configured your APC-R and that you can control both your gimbal & camera with the Middle Control buttons or a USB joystick. If you haven't, be sure to follow our complete APC-R tutorial on the Middle Things Youtube Channel or the APC-R Getting Started section.

2. Download & Install Glue

In addition to running Middle Control, you will need to run the Glue software by Make Pro X, which connects Middle Control to the remote. Glue also allows you to re-assign the buttons on the remote the way you like, and to connect other devices to the remote like the Behringer X32 or DMX lights for instance.

Download Glue

3. Load the Middle Control Solution

  • Start Glue, you will be greeted will a welcome screen. Select "Download from Cloud"

Glue screenshot 1

  • Enter the following Middle Control Solution code : middle-control-1
  • Choose the latest version and press ok. Then click on the Middle Control folder to open the solution.
  • You can head over to the MakePro Devices tab. Now connect your Middle Remote to your laptop USB port. The remote will show up in green on the left sidebar below "My Devices"

Depending on your purchase date, your remote might have to go through an automatic update. In which case, it will show "Updating..." next to the remote name. DO NOT DISCONNECT the remote before the update is finished!

  • Start the Middle Control software and make sure it is connected to your ATEM.
  • In Glue, head over to the Features tab. Yous should see a green dot next to the MiddleControl feature.

Now your remote should display all of your ATEM camera values on the small OLED displays, corresponding to the values of the 8 touch sensitive encoders. You can select any of the Camera ID 1,2,3 and 4 selection buttons at the bottom of the remote and start controling your gimbal & corresponding camera.

4. Assign the Middle Remote buttons

In order to get you started as soon as possible, the remote is loaded with a default configuration, but you can assign the encoders and buttons differently. In order to do so, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the MakePro Devices tab.
  • Click on any of the actionable remote buttons (encoders, rgb buttons...)
  • In the right sidebar, double click any action you want to assign to that button.

The OLED screens will automatically update.

Glue screenshot 1


In the Glue Settings -> Behaviour , we recommend you activate the following:

  • Keep Glue running in background
  • Start Glue automatically after logging in
  • Hide Window on Launch
  • Automatically load last opened Solution

This way, Glue will silently boot in the background each time you start your computer!

What's next?

Anything unclear or buggy in this tutorial? Please contact us at

Also, feel free to share your feedback / questions in the new Middle Things user group on Facebook! 👍

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