If your Camera Control isn’t working very smoothly with the APC-R please read the following.

  • Make sure you have the latest version of both Middle Control, Blackmagic Camera and ATEM firmware and ATEM Software.
  • ATEM Mini users : Make sure your are not sending camera control commands twice : using both the APC-R bluetooth chip and the ATEM HDMI camera control (such as ATEM Mini / BMPCC 4K HDMI connection or using bidirectionnal converters). Since the camera is receiving the same control information two times you will have a conflict.
  • ATEM Mini users : Camera Control is generally much smoother using Bluetooth control only from the APC-R than using the HDMI control protocol of the ATEM Mini.
  • If you are controlling your Camera using the Bluetooth chip of the APC-R, make sure the APC-R is less than 2meters (6-7 feet) away from your camera

If all of this fails, we apologize for the inconvenience,  please contact customer support at support@middlethings.co