Meet the APC.

Control your DJI gimbal and Blackmagic camera over SDI with your ATEM switcher !


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Use your Gimbal as a PTZ head !

With the APC,you can operate your DJI Ronin-S/SC/RS2 or Ronin 2 directly from the Blackmagic 1 M/E Advanced Panel or a USB joystick if you decide to use the desktop Middle Control Software. The magic happens by wiring the S-BUS port of the DJI Focus Wheel to the corresponding data port on the APC. Check out the complete Gimbal Setup Guide for more info.

Flexible Workflow

The APC can blend seamlessly in your typical workflow. Now you might think: "Wait, what about that Bluetooth connexion reliability in a very crowded venue ?". Well the trick is to put the APC as close as possible to the Pocket Cinema Camera so that the Bluetooth strength is at its maximum. Then, using a traditional long range wired SDI connexion, you connect the Pocket Live Controller to the Program Output of your ATEM.

Blackmagic Camera Control

With the APC, you can also use the Blackmagic ATEM Software Control or the ATEM Camera Control Panel to adjust your BMPCC 4K & 6K settings remotely ! Which means minimal changes in your Live Production workflow.

You can control the same settings as the URSA Mini Pro or URSA Brodcast, which includes Shutter / Iris / WB / Gain / Some Primary color correction, Focus and Zoom. Learn More ยป

An efficient SDI to Bluetooth conversion

Since the BMPCC 4K / 6K doesn't have an SDI input connector like the other Blackmagic studio cameras, the APC converts the SDI program feed from the switcher into a Bluetooth signal that the BMPCC can read.

The APC only requires a 12V DC connection to operate. It also features an SDI loop out port if you want to daisy chain the PGM signal to another APC. The PGM signal contains information for all the ATEM Cameras, so it's the same PGM signal for all the APCs.

Easy to use iOS app

Pair your BMPCC and APC with the APC Control iOS App. It also allows you to select which ATEM camera ID corresponds to your APC (and thus gimbal and camera). You can configure up to 8 APC with a single app ! Once the camera is paired to the APC and you have set the proper ATEM ID, there is of course no need to keep the app open.

More, with Middle Control.

Use your APC with the new Middle Control Desktop software for more control possibilities such as USB joystick support , remote Rec start / stop, Streamdeck support, and more !


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